Alpha Green strategy is the close customer contact so as to provide the more suitable and economic method always with a respect to the environment. Alpha Green is always keeping in mind the individuality of every project, exploitation of the Best Available Techniques, the customer requirements and the respective legislation. By respect of all the above, the following services are provided:

  • Cleaning of outdoor, communal and industrial areas.
  • Collection, transport and disposal of municipal waste
  • Collection transport and disposal of solid wastes (non Hazardous) from industries
  • Collection transport and disposal of Hospital wastes management
  • Collection, transport and disposal of bulky waste
  • Mechanical sweeping of roads, sidewalks and communal areas (open markets, festivals etc.)
  • Organise and implementation of recycling programmes
  • Buying and selling of recyclable material 
  • Municipal and industrial waste management studies
  • Environmental Assessments (Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments)
  • Study, landscaping and maintenance of green areas.
  • Operation of Recycling plant

Alpha Green going a step beyond is now covering another section of managing solid waste and environmental protection, in collaboration with one of the bigger European groups, the German company OTTO.

OTTO’ s seventy years of experience with activities in more than 40 countries, guarantees to our customers technological development and high quality. Alpha Green offers now to the Greek market exclusively the equipment listed below:

  • Side and rear loaders (refuse collection vehicles), of high technology, state-of-the-art and have strong construction.
  • Refuse bins of all categories of strict construction specifications, with additives to eliminate bacteria emissions and minimise microorganism growth.
  • Recycle bins, aesthetic and functional.
  • Submergible refuse bins and litter bins for aesthetically improved areas.
  • Litterbins designed with high aesthetic and functionality for inside and outside areas.
  • Children’s playgrounds, designed according to the German consideration, for safe entertainment of the children.

Additionally, a series of composting bins, toxic and hospital waste bins are available.

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