Alpha Green was established in 1999 aiming to become an unconventional business that will provide solutions in waste management and utilise the Best Available Techniques, in the sense to harmonise economic growth and environmental responsibility.

Our identity was born along with the wording of our business action,

Alpha stands for the starting letter in Greek for Recycling, collection and transportation, restoration and finally total quality upgrade of our lives.

Green stands for the green colour, the environment and our hope that Greece will claim through technology and sustainable development the position it deserves to the uniqueness of her beauty and cultural heritage.

Finally, it is the human progress to a harmonic environment we commit to include always, with dignity, credibility and social responsibility, within our activities.
For us, this is a matter of culture/civilisation/ethos.

Dimitris Agelis

Managing Director 

MILIADISTA AREA, 193 00, ASPROPYRGOS ATTICA | Tel: +30.210 2828967, e-mail: